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MIAA provides an incomparable stay experience.

For this, we favor the human side, responsiveness, comfort and above all time. This time left to our customers to take full advantage of its memorable moments without having to worry about their organization and adjacent constraints.

Whether it is for the organization of a dinner, an activity or simply the daily dress of the house, MIAA Collection takes care of everything.

A "Lifestyle&Slowlife" stay as we like them, where customers let themselves be carried away and guided.

"Taste the MIAA experience and stay in one of our superb residences  it's like living a 5-star experience at home."

MIAA cocoons you, with its personalized welcome, its concierge and its housekeeper throughout your stay.

“explore, dream, discover”

MIAA offers and organizes, at your request, all kinds of experiences throughout your stay.

From a restaurant by the sea to book, a boat day to organize or a Yoga class by the swimming pool to a private driver service, MIAA offers you a whole range of services to make your stay an unforgettable stay filled with sumptuous memories and fabulous moments to share.

"The most beautiful things are not perfect, they are special."

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