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The Rocabella estate NEW FOR 2022!

La Rocabella is embellished with high-end, elegant and refined services and becomes the Rocabella estate with two new villas for seasonal rental, the Bastide and the Cottage.

Nestled in a 3-hectare wooded park with private access to a Mediterranean cove, the Rocabella estate is the perfect place to experience an enchanted break in an exceptional architectural and natural setting. Its unique location has made it a natural setting for numerous film shoots such as "An Ideal Man" (2015), "Les Estivans" (2018) and "The Man Who Sold His Skin" (2019) as well as prestigious events. The Rocabella estate, a hidden treasure, invisible except from the sea, is a magical place, which will guarantee you an absolute change of scenery. Discover this timeless place and come and live an unforgettable experience! You can stay there, in peace, for the time you need to recharge your batteries and live great adventures, according to one of the following three formulas:

- Privatization of the Bastide: 7 rooms or 14 travelers

- Privatization of the Cottage: 4 bedrooms or 8 travelers

For those who would like to see things big, even very big, you can realize the slightly crazy dream of privatizing the entire estate for an exceptional holiday, with family or friends!

- Privatization of the entire estate (Villa La Rocabella – La Bastide – Le Cottage): 23 rooms in total.

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3 hectares 

La Rocabella was built at the end of the 19th century by the Danish architect Hans Georg Tersling, one of the great names in Belle Epoque architecture on the Riviera. He was known in particular for having built a few years earlier in Roquebrune Cap-Martin, very beautiful aristocratic villas.

Originally named the "Villa Germaine", it hosted literary salons and other ballroom dances. Under German occupation during the Second World War, it was ceded to the social action committee of the SNCF for more than 50 years.


Renamed La Rocabella, the villa hosts summer camps for the children of railway workers. In the early 2000s, interior designer Patrice Nourrissat bought the Rocabella and restored the place to its former glory. The current owner acquired the premises in 2019 in order to write a new page in history, resolutely turned towards the future. The interior of the residence is majestic with its adjoining reception rooms. Small lounge, large lounge, smoking room, dining room with magnificent rococo woodwork, winter garden, library occupy the ground floor. The upper floors house 11 large, comfortable suites with unique charm (from 20 to 85 m² for the most spacious).

La Rocabella is available for rent according to one of the following two formulas:

- Privatization of the entire estate (Villa La Rocabella – La Bastide – Le Cottage)

- Room rental within the Rocabella (information on request